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Transform Into A Data-Driven Organization

A data and AI business strategy is only as effective as its implementation. Companies like yours invest significant resources in analytics projects to improve results.

Our business consulting approach assists you by:

  1. Collecting the right data for your business objectives.
  2. Discovering relevant AI use cases that enhance efficiency.
  3. Understanding data potential and business implications
  4. Managing vast amounts of data, ensuring they contribute to data-driven decisions.
  5. Breaking down data silos by integrating multiple data sources
  6. Ensuring best practices for data privacy and security

We develop a robust, modern data and AI business strategy tailored to your needs. Beyond data-driven decisions, we transform your processes, products, and business models to align with your company’s objectives.

✔ We prioritize efficiency and results over prolonged timelines

✔ Our concrete action plans lead to success

✔ We advise you from understanding your needs to seamless implementation

✔ Our network of specialized experts comes in when it is needed and supports flawless implementation

1-2 Months

  • ✔ Monitor execution of actions or initiatives
  • ✔ Coaching the process of solution development
  • ✔ For specific expertise bring in a Datentreiber expert to assist
  • ✔ Quality Assurance: Review external services execution
  • ✔ Business consulting on critical questions and tasks

3rd Month

  • ✔ Seamlessly integrate developed solutions into current processes, products, and business models
  • ✔ Provide comprehensive training to ensure employees understand and apply the organization’s data-driven decision-making focus

7th Month

Efficiency Review
  • ✔ Review efficiency of integrated solutions
  • ✔ Adjust the data strategy as needed
  • ✔ Implement additional measures

Trusted Partners in Business Transformation Management

Axel Springer

Thanks to the three Datentreiber courses: Data Strategy & Culture, Data Design Thinking, and Data Business Consulting, my colleagues and I now have very applicable tools and frameworks at hand to master  the ubiquitous ‘Hippo company’ (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion). Thank you for your great support so far!

Louise Karstens

Head Digital Factory

Nestlé views employee development as a critical success factor for digital transformation within the company. During the two-day Datentreiber course on ‘Data-Powered Marketing,’ our employees learned how to strategically and operationally leverage data to identify relevant content, distribute it through the right channels, and optimally steer campaigns. Martin Szugat enthused the participants with numerous practical exercises and descriptive examples.

Sarah von Mitzlaff

Group Brand Manager
Nestlé Deutschland AG

As part of a several-month strategy project at the top management level, Martin Szugat from Datentreiber provided us with professional advice and actively supported us in identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing relevant business cases. His profound knowledge of the analytics industry and his structured approach significantly advanced the project.

Christian Waldheim

Global Director Strategy

Datentreiber accompanied our Sales Analytics Kick-Off. Together, in a data strategy workshop, we developed an analytics roadmap. The workshop was a complete success – Mr. Szugat managed to generate great momentum for the upcoming activities with his moderation experience and data design thinking approach, sharpen the focus for the upcoming analytics activities, and excite both the business and IT departments. We look forward to continuing our collaboration!

Felix Jacubasch

Senior Manager BI & Analytics
Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG

As a keynote speaker on the topic of Data Science, Martin Szugat was able to bring strong impulses into the organization within the context of ‘Data Thinking’, thus prominently advancing the topic of data during Roche’s digital transformation. Furthermore, Martin supports us successfully in developing a comprehensive, company-wide data strategy at Roche Diagnostics GmbH through workshop moderation, positioning the company for the future. Martin will continue to accompany us on this transformation journey.

Nadja Schaefer

Digital Transformation
Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Participating in the Datentreiber’s Data Thinking certification was a successful investment in my professional skills as a Data Scientist. With the help of the training, I can align my daily work more closely with the business model, objectives, the users, and the data landscape at Axel Springer. Furthermore, I have learned the tools to identify new analytical use cases from a user perspective and examine them for their business viability.

Justin Neumann

Data Scientist
Axel Springer SE

How to Apply Data & AI Business Design to Specific Topics

We have further developed Datentreiber’s Canvas for Data Management & Data Governance for five reasons.

Datentreiber Expert: Frank Pörschmann
Managing Partner, Data Management & Governance | iDIGMA GmbH

Data & AI Strategy and Transformation
Data & AI Products and Innovation

Data & AI Products and Innovation

Data-driven & AI-powered Business Models and Processes
Data & AI Governance and Management
Data & AI Literacy and Culture
Data & AI Architecture and Infrastructure
Project- & Program Management

Project- & Program Management

Meet Our Experts

Our strength lies in Datentreiber’s leading partner network of experts. No matter what challenges you face, we have the right expert for your request.

Datentreiber partners specialize in various domains, including Data Literacy, Data Governance, Data Strategy, Data Product Design, AI, and more.

These experts actively contribute during the execution phase, enabling data-driven decision-making and achieving successful outcomes. When seeking assistance with:

  • Specific topics where you lack resources or have limited capacity
  • Project and Program Management: Efficiently managing data-related initiatives
  • Data Literacy: Equipping employees with data skills
  • Change Management: Guiding through critical topics during the transformation phase as well as managing the communication with stakeholders wisely

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